The Wieners Rock'n'Roll Trio are THE Everly Brothers tribute band from The Netherlands. Close your eyes and you'll hear Don and Phil, like they are right there in front of you! Just with two acoustic guitars, or in a live band set-up. Their CD BIRD DOGS is now available, check: ALBUM.

buy tickets The Wieners perform all over Europe and have done more then 1000 live-shows since 2005. They've also released live-tributes to Buddy Holly ( and Johnny Cash ( On stage, they are famous for getting exactly the right sound, just like it was in the Fifties and early Sixties. Don't believe it? Check 'em out!

The Wieners Play The Everly Brothers can be booked in clubs and theatres, on festivals and on parties, as a trio, or with extra vocal guests, or as an unplugged duo. Learn more? Call/text +316 2122 3034, send an email or follow on Facebook. Download pressphoto: click here (photo: Gijsbert van der Wal).